Friday, March 12, 2010

We found the playground!

Update: we just found the name to the playground...

After searching on google earth, on our estate's website and even trips to talk to the airheads at the management office.. we found the playground located just a few streets away from our residence a few walks later..

Located near a beautiful sculpture of a mummy and her child , the playground is suitable for children aged 2 and above.. I was wondering since I am afterall of a 14-yr American stature, perhaps I could have a turn on the slides too?

Mummy & child

Having loads of fun

Enjoying a mid-morning snack after her strenuous activity on the slides..


  1. Excellent choice of hair clip for the occasion! :P ~ Kris

  2. Did you also check out the excellent choice of strawberry shortcake rainboots in the earlier pic? Predictably perfect for the cold, crisp mornings and wet grass ya know? ;P