Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lunch at the Rainforest & a spot of household shopping

We went to the Rainforest Restaurant which was a success with Kaylen! The service was fab, the decor was interesting with dancing gorillas, cheetah with a swinging tail and huge huge really life-like elephants.. K was suitably entertained throughout the meal.. Didnt think photography was allowed so I took the exterior instead..

The scaredy cat

Running out of the restaurant with a gift from the nice staff

Running off with daddy hot in pursuit

Another day of household stuff shopping.. off to Ikea we go! And it was her afternn naptime..

We turned our backs on her to discuss on some items nearby and found that our trolley was filled with slippers.. i got a yellow one in the end to make her happy since she liked them so much..

Outside IKEA

K's feeling all comfy in her playroom/ guestroom/ study with the new table & chair from IKEA


  1. I love IKEA, Stefan has to drive to Saudi to get stuff there, I have their magazine handy lol! So how re you enjoying US? Did you check some of the minks I sent you?
    Love from the 3 of us

  2. I think you can also purchase online frm IKEA? Not sure how much it'd cost though. .I think i'm gona get started on online shopping since I'm not gona be able to drive for quite a while.. ;p

    later when K has her afternn naps, I'm gona check out the links you'd sent! ;)

    How's the lil one coming along??