Monday, March 29, 2010

The sun was shining, there were cakes, pizzas & shakes all around!

It seem like such a long time since we last had an update! The past 2 wks have past so quickly. We had an outing to the mall with the other mummies and kiddies and of course, the boxes arrived.

Playtime with K's new friends!
19 Mar 2010
The mummies were courageous and we went out to the Caffe & Ristorante Cibus by Lombardi at Northpark Center. It was a bright and sunny day and the cafe leads out to an open courtyard and faces a really nice Louis Vuitton boutique. It was perfect venue for the children to romp in the dried leaves and comfy furniture.

Cadence and Athens
Kaylen and Lorene
Mummy Eileen and Cadence
 Mummy Wen Iang, Lucien and Athen
 Linda and Xavion
K lying on the comfy bench
Lucien looking at a leaf
The children all lined up on the chairs

It was a fun day out to celebrate Wen Iang's belated birthday.. tired for the lil ones.. and the mummies too! Let's do another day out soon!

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