Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last post for the day

Finally.. the last post for the day... will end off today with some pics I took this morning when we took a lil walk around our estate..

Walking down the pathway outside our house

K played with a fallen leave and picked one up to keep for Daddy

It was cold but K warmed up by running around

Saw the seagulls and ran towards them

Finally sitting down at a park bench to finish her breakfast snack

And once she's down with the snack, she ran towards the rising sun and shrieked with joy when she sighted the ducks

Mummy Mandarin duckie...her ducklings were too far away to photograph clearly.
I think this one came very near to us for some breakfast snack

Running back home again...

A random shot just coz I like the patterns on the pathway

In the lake

Pet Poopy Bag Stands
The moring air was crisp and fresh.. we met a few of our neighbours who were walking their dogs and getting some exercise. I'm hoping to explore other parts of the estate tomorrow!

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