Thursday, March 4, 2010

One of our first purchases at Walmart..

Since our boxes are pretty much stuck at the customs for the past 2 wks.. other than the alphabet & shapes cardboards that I brought over for K's entertainment, we decided to get a lil toy to keep her company..

Ta-daa! We found one with K's nickname currently only used by Kris...
NB: Ni-hou Kailan has a tv programme that K actually enjoys! Teaches simple Mandarin to kids..

K with her new toy Kailan

Yup, Kailan is now her lil sis!

Just for the fun of it... here's the magnificent duo with their new STICKY caps, with compliments from Jamie & Kris!

Daddy clearing out the trash

Trying out her new cap

OH YEAH.. striking a pose..
*I'd just noticed she's got a bit of her boxers sticking out too.. just like daddy*

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