Monday, March 8, 2010

Ooh... we got a new stroller!

Here's an updated pic of K in her new stroller!

The airlines totally killed our Peg Perego Pliko P3 stroller travelling here from Singapore... all our luggages arrived prompty even with the 2 missed connections but the stroller got lost in transit. We got it the next day nicely delivered to us in a plastic bag and I thought, wow, great customer service (since it was also raining when they delivered it)!

2 days later, we opened it while we wanted to do a spot of mall shopping BUT shock shock horror horror, the entire wheel had broken off, our handles were badly scratched and the cup holder was gone.. Wish I'd taken some pics but nevermind.. a call to United was made and the horrible customer service (Domestic) offered me a USD$100 travel voucher! No way!

So I made another call to another customer service hotline (International) and this time, I got someone really nice who advised me to head down to the airport's UA office to get the damage assessed. I needed to collect my delayed baggage report anyway so we went down the same day.

So while our poor stroller is now being repaired (afterall it was bought with a lota love by some special folks), we couldn't survive another day of shopping proper without a stroller so we looked for a lightweight umbrella stroller that will be great for travelling or just to keep in the 2nd car.
 It was a close fight between Mclaren Volo & Chicco's at our first visit to the baby mart but Mclaren went out quickly with that fingertip amputation situation which I'm sure K's inquisitive nature will put her right in the path for us to claim against her insurance.
And then there was the Zapp.. that really zapped us all away. not just with the styling but also with the pricing. We used to think it was impractical as it couldn't recline and wasn't sufficiently padded when we were searching for a stroller for our newborn. But now that K is a plus-sized, chubby-chubbs 2-yr todd, the padding didn't matter so long as the ride is secure and comfortable. Didnt help that it was really expensive when we saw it at the Babyhypermart in Singapore but since this is easily half-priced (SGD475 @ Hypermart vs USD159.90 or SGD224) at our nearby babymart and with a 53% discount, it was a no-brainer!

Here's the lowdown:

Chicco Capri
- For use up to 37 lbs ML: It technically would not be able to hold K's weight but she seemed to enjoy it
- Lightweight, aluminum frame – only 11 lbs/ 5 kg

Mclaren Volo
- For use up to 55 lbs/ 25 kg
- Frame weighs 8.8 lbs/ 4kg ML: lightest of 'em all
- Foam insulated handles ML:This seemed susceptible to melt easily in the heat and oh, it's not that long ago that we had the million-stroller defect recall

Quinny Zapp
- Ages 6 months to 4 years
- For use up to 44 lbs/ 20 kg
- The Quinny Zapp weighs 13 lbs/ 6 kg
- One of the smallest folds ML:This won hands down as K test-sat in all the strollers and kept coming back to this one!

Don't let the 20-kg limit on the Zapp fool you
While it seems that it wouldn't be very long before K reaches 20kg, however based on the growth chart percentile for 2-20 yo girls, if K remains at the 80% weight-to-age percentile (yes, still all chubbs), she can use the same stroller until she reaches 5 years old. Pretty good mileage if you ask me.. kids either reach the weight or height requirements permitted to sit comfortably in strollers. I also don't think a 6-yr should be still sitting in strollers ;p


  1. Oooh the Zapp one looks good and it's so cheap!! Here everything is so expensive expensive. The quinny zapp costs around 450 usd!!! They rarely discount the strollers! We wanted to get a quinny since we got the maxi cosi car seat but the price was way too high, didn't want to put that much money in a stroller!! After searching, pondering, thinking we bought a Mama's and papa's Pulse stroller from newborn to 2 years (ya ard 20kg) It's being handy now that Elya is 5 months, before that she didn't want to stay in it and our baby bjorn was very handy, still is! Love to you xxx

  2. hey babe! Just started reading your blog, love the pictures you take on your walks, keep them coming and lovve the very thorough analysis you've done on your strollers - I'd be re-visiting this blog when I do finally need one!
    Love, Bel.