Thursday, March 18, 2010

Show & Tell..

Here are some of the items we bought for friends & family.. still waiting to fill up my 4-pound box of goodies so hopefully all the items will reach the respective folks by early April.. ;)

In the meantime, Kaylen's itchy-fingers nature got the better of her.. here are some pictures..

Lil Aidan's
Finally.. Lauren's!

New stuff for K too!
And lil K loves to play dress-up... here we go!
K goes to work with her lil purse, hat & scarf!
The orange blanket is frm G8t Expectations which we used when we carried her home from Gleneagles'.. and now it has a new function as her long & luscious hair.. her barettes are her earrings (don't think it can be seen clearly here) and the scarf.. is just the scarf..

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  1. Nice pics of lil k and please post some of your pic please......And 'the scarf' is not just a scarf.... its a pressie from thoughtful auntie Nat/Jaymee jie jie for both of you to remember us when u sweetie put it on....