Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cookie cookie! we love kooky cookies!

After inheriting some baking stuff from a lovely lady who had moved back to sunny Singapore.. decided that I shouldn't let all these ingredients go to waste and started experimenting.. Here are the fruits of our labour.. considering that all the ingredients are hand-whipped in the biggest bowl that I own, with a pass-me-down whisk that came into my possession back in Singapore and which the action of skilled whisking, was never needed in the last decade.

Tough work.. putting cookie dough onto the tray.

My valiant effort to make sense of the cookies.

And a special something for lil K

Whoever said that this update has a happy ending?

But at least, my biggest fan didn't have a care in the world whether it is shaped like an elephant or a messy choc chip chunk of dough. Cookie is cookie. Ahh... the past 2 years of watching Cookie Monster do his thing have not gone to waste.

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