Friday, July 16, 2010

13 Jun - Summer's out and boy so is the heat!

So I decided for us that we are staying home, turn up the airconditioning and vegetate.

I was contemplating whether to bake a cake, make an ice-cream or blend some chilli paste and asked my resident tyrant. She decided for me. 'Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes..' chanted the tyrant.

With a recipe I got online, it was for 30 cupcakes. Seeing that I only had 12 holes in my muffin tray, I decided to halve all the ingredients. Obviously the recipe was written by an amateur, as I followed the receipe dutifully from top to bottom AND flipped a tablespoon of brown sugar into my sifted flour and baking powder. Only to realise that the sugar needs to be mixed in with the butter a few lines down.

So I scooped up the sugar from the mixture and along with it, an unidentifiable amount of baking powder along with it.

Oh, I also have only one measuring cup (which already held the milk on standby) so instead of using 1 3/4 cups of sugar, I 'arga-arga' put in about 6 tablespoons of sugar. Which I also wrote down on the recipe just in case it turns out well and I should need want to recreate this intricate operation.

Oh, thank god I did. It was quite yummy. By the hubby's standards and of course, my cupcake snob or aka tyrant in pink.

My lil helper
While it may seem like she's doing all the work - please. She only had to dirty her fingers and nagged me to clean her fingers.

Oh yes, for some strange reason, even though Paul and I were not the sort of panicky parents, she really dislikes having her fingers dirty. This only dawned on me when she started her artclass and got paint on her fingers. She would not even continue painting until someone cleans the paint off that ONE finger. I am happy to say that this lil particularity has evolved. She now finishes painting before having to clean up.
It took quite a bit of persuasion and I needed to lead by example for her to clean off the muffin mixture. Of course, the moment she had a taste of it, she never looked back.
Needless to say, the choc buttercream icing didn't need cajoling.

Oh yeah...she was pleased.
The final product.
Of course, I will only share nice things with my friends.

** Please, my friends, if you are reading this, please return me my tupperware containers. Either you are container-napping them so that I won't be able to give you sinful food, or you have forgotten.

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