Friday, July 16, 2010

Writing her alphabets

Since K only goes for her 3-hr school on 3 days and goes for gym & art class on another, the remaining morning we have together just mummy and her, I will try to stay at home and play. I find it rather amusing when she asked to write or colour.

Since she started school the Montessori (Singapore) way at 20-month-old, she has been good with her motor skills as she often come home with sheets of coloring and creative artwork. The reason why I had specified 'Singapore' was because this was obviously not what is being encouraged here in many of the Montessori schools I had visited because they leave the kids to 'explore' and 'decide what they want to do'.  Which is pretty what montessori's decree BUT... oh yes.. BUT not if the teachers decide to sit in the playground TWICE in the 3 hours they are in school. Oh. I have much to say about the education here but this will take a post by itself.

Paul and I had decided from a long time ago that our parenting style is to have our kid/s (future tense) enjoy their early childhoods for as long as they can with loads of play and to never traumatise them for something that will eventually come naturally and when they want to do it for themselves.However this doesn't mean that we can't equip them with the tools for exploration.

Here is a short video of lil K doing a spot of writing. ;)

And then she writes B.

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