Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Birthday Weekend! Part 1

Thurs 29 Apr was my birthday and who said it was just to be ONE day of fun... had a quiet one with Kaylen on the actual day since Paul was at work... We went for her gym class @ Gymboree, followed by an art session before heading to Maudee's Tea Room on Lover's Lane, off Preston Road. It was well known based on all the online reviews so luckily we got the last table when we arrived without reservations. It was lunch time and it was packed with well-coiffed ladies in Chanel-esque jackets and pearls and people in suits. It was a small establishment with possibly 12 tables in all and little space in between. A set lunch for one, a slice of chocolate fudge brownie, a lemon cupcake and an iced tea was abt USD30, exclusive of tips.

 I didnt think the food was fantastic but the service was great.

 Came home to some USPS post-its on our front door. Off to the leasing office to pick them up.

There were quite alot of packages, including a lovely vase of irises... from Caren & Jamie! muaks!
And a royal mail frm Pattie... muaks muaks!

Kaylen made some flowers in art class and so we add them onto the vase..

K posed with the boxes.

One of the boxes was our order from diapers.com. Hahaha.. pressies for K! :p

Happiness! A yoghurt maker from Serene & Casey! Thanks guys!

A pair of flats that I still can't bear to wear..

 A package from Singapore. I gawked after seeing the amount of shipping paid on this.

It came with a boarding pass greeting card. Beautifully written and decorated. Thank you Mavis, Mark & Ezra!

A gift from Caren darling.. Yes, this is my first orange box.

 Why is it that everytime I wear the orange top, I get to be adorned with something Hermes? ;p I am never throwing this top away.

I think I can still find the picture of me in this top with your Birkin purchase back in Feb! ;p I'll upload to this post once I get all my pictures organised!

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