Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Wkend Part 2! Dallas Museum of Art

Continued... The birthday weekend started the wk after actually, as there were a few to-dos during that same weekend. I had to take my driving test and also work a shopping trip down at the outlet mall to make some friends and their family members really happy.

We had dinner at Cool River Cafe, which honestly, was nice and cosy. While I did not take pictures as the lighting was so dim, here is a pic that I'd ripped off their website.
Cool River Cafe, Dallas

...The weekend after a quiet day of 29 Apr, we went down to the Dallas Museum of Art, located in downtown Dallas. It was my first trip to downtown Dallas (not counting the one time I took a detour with the schizo GPS which had led me there instead of that dinner party in Carrollton. Naturally it happened in my first 3 mths in Dallas when my internal GPS had not been tuned right yet).

Atrium Cafe, Dallas Museum of Art
Delicious quesadillas which K devoured. (I'm really glad that K is a happy eater)

A picture taken by K, the budding photographer

Papa Paul (pcube) with K at the little fountain

The Nasher Sculpture Center was our first stop as there was supposed to be a children activity on the weekend. That I read on the website. But what I had missed out was that that only happens on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Blah.

 A happy coincidence of a family portrait

The joyful child

Playing peekaboo

Walking off our heavy lunch, outside the Nasher Sculpture Centre's famed sculpture garden

Pcube & K, the denim-ed duo
Back at the DMA, we chanced upon this gallery and walked on in.
It was an interactive gallery where we were invoked to work with the materials at hand. There was a wall full of panels made up of different materials such as nails, cut-up pingpong balls, leather, suede amongst others. We are encouraged to touch everything we see. K did what she could.

There was a kiddy section where kids are encouraged to physically take part in imaginative play, beginning with this book by Antoinette Portis where it encourages the reader to take ordinary household items and transform them with their minds into a fantasy wonderland.

To further cement what is being illustrated in the book, the gallery provides boxes of various sizes so that we can get started straight away.

K only wants to hide in the boxes and play peekaboo.

We also did a play on the words. ;p

 Our lil elephant family

Found a book that has information that is really new to me... which got me thinking.. what is Singapore's equivalent? I am pretty sure I don't know all the answers..

Out of the small but impressive collection of art-related award-winning books.. I liked this the most.
The book is all about a lil girl's introduction to a few of the greatest artists and illustrations that identify each of their individual styles.

Shortly after, we went to Arturo's corner and played with some of the tools.. which are similar to what Montessori education provides so Kaylen was having an easy time with them.

An impromptu jamming session... featuring Kaylen on percussion!

Finally, a feature mosaic wall that I really like..

I'm really looking forward to coming back again! It was quite funny that while I was at the Information Counter.. there was a furious man who demanded that he gets his money back as the Dallas Museum of Art was 'rubbish' and 'a complete waste of time'. While we didn't have time to tour the galleries, I hope to come back to see what they have in store!

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