Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a reminder why I wanted a blog

I wanted the blog to be an update of my daily ongoings in Dallas during this temporary stint of 'Being a housewife' but life isn't exactly like the reality tv shows of 'The Real Housewives of New York City' or 'Pregnant in Heels' where we dress up all pretty and have nannies take care of children while the mummies took the time to run politicking with their 'pals'. Hilarious if it is so. There is simply no time. But that is just me. Okay, maybe dress up pretty is like a daily personal preference...but rally, none of the rest applies.

I remember having conversations with friends and family on my decision to start a blog and they were all naysayers...all said that while it is so easy to get started, maintaining it is can be such a bitch.

And so I started out asking myself with just 2 key questions: Would this be a show and tell or simply a way of letting me and my family remind ourselves of what we did and do? AND How do I differentiate what I have on my blog versus what's on facebook?

I decided to go ahead as the blog is definitely narcissistic and is all about me, my thoughts, my family and pals. No noise.

Perhaps then again, life has a funny way of allowing you to prioritise. I would rather spend time reading a book or chalking up play time with Kaylen and Paul... and recently, started digital photobooking. OMG, the end result is fabulous but the amount of time that goes into one is absolutely ginormous! I am still recovering from the last one I did on our Europe trip.

And before you know it, it is time to vacuum the house again.

I didn't realise how slow I am at putting up pictures and hoarding all these memories that of late, a friend wants to hijack my hard drive for pictures of our time together.

So much time has passed since last June so hopefully, slowly but surely, I will start uploading those pics that I have dutifully saved in my hard drive onto the blog!

Maybe I should start exploring one of those voice recognition software-that-helps-you-type programmes. Or maybe spend S$500 a month for a secretary/PA from one of India's service centres to help put my life together.

Like apply for Kaylen's 2012 kindergarten, restaurant recommendations, check out prices of houses, read car reviews and other miscellaneous and random thoughts that usually run up loads of running time when I fancy a want or want a fancy time. ;p

Let's see.

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