Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tyan turns 8 weeks today!

We had plenty of help looking after Kaylen when she was born so I was a lil worried how I would be able to cope all by myself after my parents and in-laws left...

It is not easy truly because I forgot how heart-wrenching and ear-piercing newborns ' cries can be... Other than the cries, there are also the endless laundry, 2-hourly feeds, burping and of course the general housekeeping and cooking for all weekday meals for all of us..

And Kaylen has truly been angelic by my standards... New house rules have been made.. No crying or whining when baby is crying. Mummy cannot fulfil any requests while attending to baby. No loud sounds from her when baby is sleeping. So far she has only flouted the rules a few times but have been quick to comply when reminded..

Oh yes she also provides nuggets of useful information to her daddy when baby is crying.."baby is hungry and wants milk milk" or when Paul carries

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