Friday, June 3, 2011

The full month celebration of life for our newest!

14 May 2011
Adding to our little brood was relatively easy but keeping the little newborn alive is altogether another thing. And so of course we celebrate the baby's seemingly fragile survival with a befitting celebration.

And so a tea party was what we had, a relaxing afternoon tea with cupcakes and strawberries and nothing to do with the tea party movement - though we incidentally did come to the same objectives, i.e. reduce spending and in so doing, keep an eye on a possible future household spending deficit that comes with 2 kids, exorbitant car COEs, a typical 6Cs Singaporean mainstream lifestyle of expensive tastes and hobbies.

I realised the only picture I missed out were of the children playing in the playroom/study. I think I didn't dare step in there so no evidence will remain of the havoc wrecked. This is what happens when you have kitchen sets and building blocks with teeny weeny parts and of course, a couple of children in a very small room.

                                             Finally another occasion to bring out the fine china with the last being K's 2nd birthday!
Marshmallows and strawberries for the truly sweet-toothed
Customised cupcakes from my favorite bakery Sprinkles - supposedly the originator of gourmet cupcakes! ;p

The tea party display with beeeeutiful roses that really made me so happy! Of course, the manual labour that had gone into the Ang Ku Kuehs cannot be discounted of course. Kudos to mummy Loke & team Jo-Ann-Na for their unwavering support for this ambitious endeavour.
Cupcakes nicely arranged by pcube (papa paul) and birth announcement cards!

The lovely green bean and peanut ang ku kuehs! And of course, red eggs for the occasion!

The cutie pie showing angry face!

Yup, my V fingers right there!

The reason why we decided to pose with the red eggs as a feature escapes me.

A child for every adult! I think I must have gone for a feeding session here!

Awww... Kaylen saying goodbye to her favourite guy pal. She doesnt like boys (yet) but she sure like this Lucien very very much!

And then the guys also try it out.

Here's a vid of them trying to repair a tank with them inside!

Aww..the sweet couple..
So as the apartment empties out, we finally have the space to try out our new Xbox Kinect! Kiddos go first!

Thank you Jo, Ann & Nana for the wonderful efforts towards the ang ku kuehs and red eggs and perhaps in general, the support of the pregnancy with your kind tupperwares of food up to the birth of lil T and all other aspects of giving help to the then-pregger me... and basically being such regular faces to K! We adore you all!

Thanks for the pressies and all the well wishes everyone! Even for those who were not able to attend (you know who you are!)!

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