Monday, May 16, 2011

Lil Tyan - her first vid! And some thanks..

It has been sheer madness since the baby arrived - I still haven't found the time to catch up on ANY drama serials as I had done with Kaylen except for my weekly indulgences - The Real Housewives of New York City, Glee & American Idol - and that is even with help from my lovely parents for the past couple of weeks... I shudder to think how disconnected I'll be to the world once they leave. hahah..

So anyhow, so here is a video of the lil bugger.

Introducing Tyan - pronounced 'Tee-yearn' without the 'r' sound....... 19 April 2011!

She is doing very well now and is gaining weight slowly but surely. At birth, she had a great apgar aka 'how loud you can shriek on a scale of 1 to 10' score of 9 & 10 upon delivery and I think she pretty much maintained that.

I am doing okay so far with the weird sleeping hours so my daily clock is pretty much turned upside down. I am still trying to figure out how to work my usual daily routine with the additional family member. To be honest, the books I'd read about having a newborn in the house isn't far from the truth - the laundry did double, the lack of sleep does take its toll so truly every moment I get to sleep, I should so I don't rack up any sleep debt. And, a potty-trained 3-year-old and a newborn together, in theory, should work out fine but put into practical, it can be a little daunting to cook, do housework or even shower. Let's see how I will be able to work this out in time to come!

The hubby has upped the ante in my perception of him as a daddy & a hubby, be it spending time with Kaylen, doing almost all the time-consuming household chores and even doing the ferrying around even as he went back to work. By the way, I have graded the topmost time-consuming household chore to be folding clothes. In the final weeks of pregnancy, I had sworn off all folding of clothes. I think I have folded enough for a lifetime and then some.

Respect! But sorry pal, you don't get to be mentioned as Superdaddy like you were in the Motherhood magazine after Kaylen's birth!

And a massive thank you note to my parents. Just the thought of them having to endure the arduous >24 hours journey again despite having missed 2 flights out of LA (and therefore 2 days), hanging around the airport hotel during their last trip to visit us in Oct 2010!

And what's even more touching is that their 5 weeks here was purely to see their grandchildren, do my confinement and to ease our transition with the family addition. So save for some neighborhood shopping spots and some online shopping, I applaud them for coming all this way to help us cook every single meal, cleaning up after us, having evening walks with Kaylen so we could take a breather and even bringing the garbage out thrice a week. And every time I walk out of my bedroom door, be it at 5am or 3pm, I see my mum in the kitchen preparing my confinement food. By golly, the hubby had packed food to eat at work too every day!

Thanks mum, for using up hell alot of leave to come here to work so very hard. I really appreciate it!

But the love doesn't stop here. My in-laws, who have graciously waited till after my parents leave, will be here the following day!!! Thank you for being so understanding!! Till the next update!

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