Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kaylen's First Dance Recital!

I knew my lil one had some dancing moves in her... watch this video!

And so, we supported her for her dance adventure as an extracurricular activity after school to prepare the children for the annual dance recital. It was a bit of a tough decision because I knew then back in January that her dance classes were not good but then there was the recital which may give her the opportunity that she always liked - being on stage. So Paul and I decided to let her carry on so that she can a chance to perform before an audience and build her confidence.
*Yes, I'd added an extract of her 15 min of fame on video and it can be found near the end of this blog entry!

It was definitely an expensive decision because in addition to the monthly dance fees  from January up to the recital in March, her dance costume, mandatory concert registration including tickets for guests @ USD80 plus the requirement to get her ballet shoes and tights - the whole exercise cost us a hefty sum of almost USD300!

Just like the ladybug costume we got for her last October, I will probably have to milk this costume for all it is worth! How many parties can you go to in a ballerina tutu without having any negative implications on the young one?!
 She was really shy once she came out of makeup and hair...

 The concert hall..

 Ahh... a ballerina moment... LOL!

The ardent supporters came out in full force with congratulatory blooms and even a balloon. NB: Kroger helium balloon is MAD... it has been more than a month since we got the balloon and it is STILL floating in our living room!

 Some other acts
Her performance was short and sweet and actually hilarious because of the range of ages in her montessori class (2.5 years up to 5 years old)...

Act Two!
 The bored groupie waiting for the lil star to arrive... ;p

Family pic!
Alrighty, all together now!

 The day's activities really wore her out and she was totally conked out before we even reached the coffee place just a short 5 minutes' drive away!
 After that, we had dinner at Kirin's and here, the group's all super amused by Hard Gay's vids!

 A not very professional presentation of the stripping of the Peking Duck's skin.
 Group shot again! Thanks for coming to support K's first dance recital!
 Ending off with a shot of the spread. The dungess deep fried batter crab was really yummy! We contemplated packing the deep fried crumbs so that the guys can have them with rice for lunch the following day! ;p

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