Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Long Overdue Dallas Aboretum Trip

What a mouthful for a botanical garden. According to Wiki: 'An arboretum is a collection of trees. Related collections include a fruticetum (from the Latin frutex, meaning shrub), and a viticetum, a collection of vines. More commonly today, an arboretum is a botanical garden containing living collections of woody plants intended at least partly for scientific study. '

The aboretum outing happened on the very first week of April.. The pictures and fabulous company were all too good to be missed out of this blog! The folks here do celebrate spring in a big way. There were girls all dressed up in their prom best (complete with tiaras mind you) as they take their glamour shots all around the garden. In parenting magazines in the Mar/Apr issues, there are photographers offering sessions at the Aboretum to celebrate Spring. I swear these are the same photographers who will still make you hold on to your chins when you pose for photographs or even make your hold the petals of the flowers as you gaze into the distance. Opps, sounds alil like my 3-yo wedding photos which only my child (ren; future tense) will enjoy. *rolls eyes*

The flowers were amazing! Planted haphazedly, perhaps on purpose.

Along with spring came the unexpected drizzle. We took shelter under some willowtrees and ate our picnic standing up. ;p Nonetheless, it was yummy with some good old-fashioned curry chicken (hand carried from S'pore mind you) and char bee hoon. We also had a fruit salad and some muffins (my very first batch of blueberry muffins; erm pre-mix from the box so not exactly wow-wow)

Then they found a patch of green.

Then we roamed around the gardens and found Ferdinand the Bull..

Kaylen had a blast but maybe not daddy.. who had to work very hard.
The threesome.
We went to the trial gardens where they grew pansies, the colors of the rainbow!
Pcube & mcube

My favouritest pic of Kaylen?

Caught in action. Thoroughly enjoying herself! ;)

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