Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The hubby's THREE-O!

I did a search on google on turning 30 for excerpts on what normal folks rave about this so-called 'milestone' when they leave behind the high-life 20s and move on in to the 30s, Ewww.. 'middle-age'. It was rather entertaining.. while there were all sorts of reading materials ranging from an inane blog of a bloke '30thingsbefore30' who obviously WILL fail to fulfill his target due to his seemingly procrastinating nature, to articles on New York Times and Washington Post ranging from the 1960s to the 2000s about folks thowing huge parties akin to weddings and bar mitzvahs, and to definitions from psychologists on the same topic. I think turning 30s aint that bad a thing after all coz it will seem like you've lived alot longer than your 30 years after reading all that junk.. 

Closer to home, the hubby's celebration wasn't a piggy bank-breaker but it sure was a little opulent, with special thanks to his pals, CORE + extras for coming up with the wonderful THREE-O deal after their 21st birthday some eons ago.

I thought about it hard about how the hubby's old age was really not a surprise to me. Here is my top 10. Just for you, P-cube!

1. We now dine at 6.30pm when we go out so that the lil one will be home early for her shower and sleep time before 10pm.

2. Miley Cyrus is damn young and she is only 17 and oh, Adam Scott is just 28

3. Before going out anywhere, you ask what the traffic is like and what time we have to leave the house to get there on time.

4. Sure, you have more disposable income, but everything you want  to buy costs between USD200 and USD5000

5. You don't get funny looks when you buy a Disney DVD or diapers from Walmart, as the sales assistant assumes they are for your child

6. You cannot resist the lure of  self-assembly furniture

7. To compensate for the fact that you have little desire to go clubbing, you instead like to stay at home and play DOTA or FFXII or that game Cyril got you, in the mistaken belief that you have not turned into your parents

8. You find yourself saying "They don't make 'em like that anymore"

9. Instead of tutting at old people who take ages to cross the pedestrian crossings, you KPKB about school teachers whose diction is poor

10. You come face to face with the fact that the indestructibility of the 20s will never return, and you have graduated to a new check-box (30-35); when you take those damned surveys from now onwards and look at that, a 14-piece set of Pyrex bakeware costs USD20 and would have cost USD11.95 for just 6 pieces

Here are the pictures of that wonderful day of realisation.
Shortly after the clock strikes 12
In the morning when the sun came up, K was rearing to go
 Doing the power strut along Preston Street
First stop: Sprinkles
K was curious so we went inside
Cupcakes galore!
The SA took out a box
Surprise 1: A boxful of cupcakes for Paul. See if you can make it out..
Next stop: Lunch at R + D Kitchen
 Waiting for our turn
Still waiting..
2o mins later. We got our seat.
Rave reviews so we had to try - Deviled eggs (pronounced 'De-viled' ;p )
 Their famous tuna salad - so good, it tasted like chicken
Also another highlight - Rubensque sandwich, coldcuts with fab salad and dressing. Handcut fries in the background, devoured by K
K had to smile, looking at the spread

Back home and a knock on the door, a surprise no. 2 for Paul awaited

Carefully opening his 2nd box (the first box he opened was something that he had ordered for himself)
A lil blue box appeared with a loving message
Aww.. so sweet
Oh yeah, he was pleased. It was not just any Oakleys after all.
Surprise no. 3: A samsonite trunk organiser. I quote him 'This is damn OCD loh'. He then paused and looked at me. Yup, Paul is OCD and he knows it, so, definitely perfect gift.
In the meantime, we gave K a lil surprise so that she doesn't feel all that left out. Her 2nd YO birthday pressie from Aunt Mavis... thank you again! 6 months later..
We found this on the door. Another parcel to be picked up from the management office
K looked a lil tired out from missing her nap time for this impromptu trip to the office
Surprise no. 4: Another package..
Completely puzzled
'What kinda present is this?' Still puzzled
Ah-hah.. a 3-wood drink dispenser-cooler for his golf bag.. he will never go thirsty again! Woe to the wife who has to clean it in the bathtub
In the meantime, K entertained herself
Dinner time and I had a craving for Chili's molten choc cake so off we went
The spread was enormous. Too bad we couldn't pack the unfinished cakes.

A Great big thank-you who came to celebrate Paul's birthday and also gave another surprise Amazon birthday voucher to the lucky fellow. I wish I could invite more friends for the party but not on a housewife salary please.. ;p
Wen Iang, Aden & their handsome chaps, Athen & Lucien
Ryan, Eileen & gorgeous daughters Lorene, Cadence & Kaylen, and of course, Ryan's Mum, Aunty Chan
Andy & Looloo or lulu or Lieyang

Surprises 7 & 8! Powerpoint postcards from the mushy couple, James & Doreen...
 And our golfing kakis - we miss you, Fiona & Eric!

Back home, K most probably suffered from a sugar rush and played and played.
The evidence.

More updates to this blog to come. 2 days after the birthday, yet another surprise arrived... a skinny black box with a shiny something that I had to wait for Paul to take the pictures to give it some justice. 

P.S. I never knew blogging was so time-consuming! I am editing my NY resolution from twice a week to just once! 


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  1. lol..looking at him "tear" open the box with a carefully positioned razor blade is just cracking me up!