Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 2 in NYC - Woodsbury Common

Jun 2010 - Ha! More than 6 months have passed but I still feel that thrill from this holiday!

Day 2 and we were all ready for some outlet mall shopping! ;) We rented another car; this time we got a PT Cruiser in silver and headed off to the Woodsbury Premium Outlet. Some pics...

Still not satisfied with her full day at Sesame Place obviously...
The only shot of our spoils from the trip... quite fulfilling considering the slightly wet weather... So how great was this outlet mall? Well I haven't been a fan of outlet malls considering the ones we have been to in Dallas but then again, I'm quite a noob at outlet mall shopping. This one definitely has brands that would be popular with most Asians such as Gucci, Marni, Chanel, Bottega, YSL for bigger ticket buys and then definitive everyday brands such as Rock & Republic, Banana Republic, DKNY & MaxMara. Surprisingly if you have been to the crazily discounted Club 21 Bazaar or seasonal sale for brands such as AX, Calvin Klein then don't even bother visiting the stores in here.

We considered signing up for those daily bus tours to the outlet but really, nothing beats having the comfort of your own transport, convenience of having your own sanctuary to kick your shoes off after going through a 7-hour keep-fit, walk-and-shop marathon!

The shopping you see in the picture below are mostly the hubs' save for just one bag!
As promised, more pics of our lovely Gramercy apartment which we found through Roomorama! Vacation accommodation has never been the same ever since!

A lovely nursing chair that gently rocks back and forth as Kaylen and I wind down after a long day of exploration.

Last we checked, the rates for this particular apartment has gone up nearly 20%. But rates become cheaper with longer stays of course so you might still get a good deal. The above walkway is rather unique in the sense that whenever we have to go through this walkway, we have to tread very gently as the 'floorboards are weak' - we think rotten really because the squeaking is really very loud! Nonetheless, it makes for a fun adventure for the lil one everytime we need to use the toilet and the kitchen!

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