Sunday, January 2, 2011

Four seasons' past and another 4 more to go

The last day of 2010 was a day well spent indeed.. after a trip to Highland Park Village to indulge in my favorite past-time, this time with hubby and lil K to savor the yummilicious kobe burger from Who's Who Gourmet Burger Joint. Then home again to plan a new layout for 2011. An impromptu trip to the Sleep Experts came into place to enjoy the end of year clearance sale but we ended up getting the price-fixed tempur bed with its 20-year guarantee and ache-free, allergy-free promises.

But oh well, it came with a free pillow of our choice so we chose a tempur neck pillow and bought another side pillow for the pregger-me. Of course, the over-zealous salesman threw in another pillow for lil K when the over-zealous us succumbed to stain-free, allergy-free mattress protectors for 2 beds with 10-year guaranteea. Gosh.. our USD299 affair turned up many more times more expensive but hey, sleep is key!

We celebrated our last day reminiscing about what we had accomplished in 2010 over dinner and decided that other than the terrible failure on the Mister's part on golf, we had done pretty okay!

Here is a recap of some of the general resolutions for 2010 :
1. Acclimatising myself to becoming a full-time homemaker (my multi-tasking and planning abilities are in tiptop condition I dare say!)
2. Maintain my happy habit once a month (sometimes twice!) Reading that is!
3. A blog post a month
4. Spending an inane amount of quality time with K (she minds her Ps and Qs)
5. Being able to churn up dishes that didnt cause stomachaches (hey, the whole family is still alive!)
6. Breaking 36 for golf (I broke 30 on one ocassion)
7. Keeping fit and healthy with regular exercise with walks/ runs around the lake or to the gym (I supposed I was confident about being fit enough to do a 3km run with my suspected pregnancy back in Aug!)
8. Finally, successful family planning! We were planning for a 2nd child to debut early 2011 just so that I get to spend some time with him/her! So yes, we are definitely on track!

Sure, there are some other items that are private to our family and of course, items on my checklist that are still not fulfilled but nonetheless, I have another year to go so still time to work it!

The start of 2011 officially marks a decade of friendship for my DH and me and I have to say, it has been and is still a blast knowing him. I particularly remember one year when we drew up resolutions for the new year (when we were friends) and he put it under the bed for safekeeping. Thank you for the magical but tiring trip to Europe for my final babymoon (yes, this baby-making machine will no longer be in service thank you very much)...

I still find it amazing how in new situations that arise throughout our friendship and marriage, during times when I see him in the most surprising or undesirable situations, his character and beliefs have remained a constant. Even in times where adaptability is required, he has done so with gusto and conviction, and yet, distinctly Paul. Yes, I am still in love. :)

So goodbye to 2010 and welcome, 2011! I am so thankful for this time for self-discovery and calibration without the noise of obligations and stress that sometimes come with being near to family, friends and being employed.

Thank you my dear friends, for all the long distance messages and chat sessions.. while I may not see you here in the US during this period, you will not be forgotten!

And lastly, my loved ones. You are misssssed so badly, if not for the hearty meals and conversations to the very companionable times of just watching television together!

See you all soon!

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