Friday, October 1, 2010

Sesame Place = so fake, I loved it!

We started off bright and early... in our happening Nissan Cube in lovely chocolate... small & niffy.. it was fun and plastic-ky!

 Sesame Place at Langhorne, just 30 minutes north of Philadelphia.
 I got excited looking at the Elmo flowerbeds... Paul just rolled his eyes... It seems this is MY childhood place, more so than both Kaylen & Paul combined. Entry to the park was amazing. It was bright and cheery and everything looked like on set (minus the hot and sunny weather)...

We started off with the Elmo Fish ride... she was a little apprehensive at first but got a hang of it... this is Kaylen's first time at an amusement park (not counting carousel rides @ resorts and shopping centres)..
 Then took a ride on Grover's World Twirl in the colorful themed teacups!
 We quickly went for the timed Elmo's World Live showtimes... where we were introduced to Mr. Noodle and Dorothy proper. She also tried the imaginery piano and was really amused.. that it didn't work.
 Then it was time for Rock Around the Block Parade! According to the Sesame Plc website, this parade debuted in 1997 and will officially retire on 31 Oct, 2010. Luckily we caught it then because we really thought it was joyous and fun for the little children with its loud music and colorful, bigger than ever imagined characters!

 'Oh boy, oh boy! It's Telly Monster!
 Big Bird - obviously.

 And then we took a break for lunch. I probably got the order all wrong (haha, since this happened in June and my update is in Sept.. ) We got a keepsake for her - the Elmo plate. Food was alright and wasn't as exorbitant as we had expected. Just USD9 or twice the usual price of kid's meal you find at one of those chain restaurants (eg. TGIFs, Chilli's, Chick-A-Fils) outside the park.
 Tummy tums tums all filled up and ready to go...
 Queuing up for a photo opportunity..
 With our favourite Cookie Monster 'Om nom nom nom nom'!

 At the grocer's.

Check out her balancing act upon entry to the bouncy inflatable!
The happy fall..
Spent but satisfied.
 At the gift shop.. haha but she was a good girl - we already had a big bird soft toy at home (still unpacked in one of the many boxes in the garage) so we got some lil souvenirs and headed out... Am rather proud of her that she didn't bug us to get her things. Perhaps not at her age @ 2yo 8 mths and hopefully in the near future? *cross fingers*
 Finally, a family pic!
With Abby Caddaby! Not my most favourite characters but oh yeah, might as well
since she was in our way out.. ;p
Just a quick overview of the place... Doesn't look big but we didn't even get to cover the wet park!

Tiring day indeed.. Kaylen slept all the way back to the hotel and I think I did too... too much excitement for one day.. We headed back to the hotel, had a long bath and went to Chilli's - just a stone's throw away - for dinner. Shortly after we returned to the room - I think just about then, I realised I didn't bring my camera charger, spare camera battery NOR a travel adapter for my iphone. Paul rolls his eyes at me and went out to the convenience store yet again to get the latter since it serves dual purpose of making me contactable & getting the photos taken.

I think times like these - these occasional mental lapses - (which is rare) allows him the chance to be able to rescue the damsel in distress, which of course, makes him pretty happy. LOL *my blog, my opinions - so there!*

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