Monday, January 4, 2010

Making the decision

After 2 months of deliberating on my options, finally got the courage to leave behind my extended family of colleagues, many of whom are now my dear friends, to become a fulltime mummy & wife... This was a particularly difficult decision esp since I immensely enjoy the company, management, team of wonderful folks and pretty much the culture of working in American Express... True enough, once the decision was shared, the support given by the management was 101%... nothin lesser... God, it made the mental preparation to leave all the more agonising!

4 dec, company announcement was made and come 5 dec, the packing begins! This is nothing like what I had in mind.. Last I moved to Australia for further studies in 2001, it was just a huge suitcase of clothes & shoes.. Now, we're talking abt a minimum of 20boxes and a freaking container that takes 3 wks to reach our destination! It's also abt clearing out a 3-bedroom apartment with paintings & wall installations (not that we hung many up since our plc was still a WIP), a piano, dining set and a storeroom full of golf items, shoes & bags!

How do I feel? Excited really because this is my first big project for our lil family of 3!

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