Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally, the packing's done

The final count is in! We have 37 boxes! Moving on to the nxt chapter of our lives, we packed up the bed, sofa, wall sculptures.. That's all we've been doing the past wk; rushing home after work, taking leave from work, leaving Kaylen at our parents' during the wkend waking hours. We sorted out what we needed to trash, store in Singapore and packed the rest into boxes.

I'm a sentimental person and keeping clothes and little trinkets from 10 years ago keeps me grounded and remembering those snippets of my life, or that was just my belief. But not anymore, for our family of 3 moving our Singapore life to the other side of the globe in 13 cubic metres of space. I threw out 1/3 of my belongings, stored the other 1/3 at my mum's as 'To be reviewed in a couple of years' and finally the forward-thinking 'Now, now, now!'

It feels good.

I think I'm ready. Well, it's just. The boxes are gone.

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