Sunday, October 2, 2011

back in singapore!

so we are back in sunny singapura.. mixed bag of feelings.. to be honest i had not missed work at all during my time there. i guess it was because i knew the expiration date of that sabbatical.

what i remembered relishing often was having not to worry about the repercussions of having late nights.. no need to rush anywhere but of course lil K had to go to school. during the start to the end of winter was most trying.. the blistering cold and the late sunrise created havoc on the bodyclock. no one could get out of bed. ok plus the fact that i was preggie during that period didnt help to..

i remember keeping my mind busy with many tasks and mini projects.and keeping a pretty social calendar so no, i dont think i have been idle all this time in the US.. i love not having to be stressed about anything much.. and dutifully keeping checklists of things i need to do.

i lost count of the number of self-improvement, parenting, educational books i have read during this time. nor can i count the number of times i have laughed, sang and danced unabashedly with my child/ren.

what i never want to do again? having to fold clothes and vacuuming a long flight of carpeted stairs with a design fail upright vacuum cleaner.

do i enjoy coming bk to work? a little bittersweet to be honest. the company is fab and the new role has so far been rather invigorating. my threshold of not seeing my hubby is 3 weeks so it has been spot-on - heartstrings got tugged esp since realising lil K has the same.threshold as me. She suddenly remarked upon leaving the bank today. 'Mummy , i want to give daddy money.' 'Because then he can come back to me.' I think at that point, a speck of dust came into my eye and probably that persistent sticky bubble from my gongcha drink got lodged momentarily in my throat.

2 more months before we are a family again!

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